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  • Pendulum Divining
  • Astrology

Services by Skype, Phone, Email  (Recorded) or In-person 

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Tarot card lion with infinity symbol representing Strength in the Major Arcana

With 30 years in the Divination Arts , Rebecca is a trusted and experienced mystic.   She holds Australian and international certifications in 

Dowsing and Astrology. 

She has read and taught Tarot professionally for more than 20 years  and has been a board member of the New South W ales  Dowsing Association .


Celtic cross tribal mysticism and magick

Next Workshops + Classes: 

 Vanuatu , February +  March 2020

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What Client's Say

Eva, Sydney

"Rebecca is amazing.  I've seen her several times . Her insight blows me away."

Jaime, Brisbane

" Great reading. Helped sort out direction and timings. Clear and practical." 

Simon, Coffs Harbour

"The reading was so much more than I expected. Rebecca tapped into  experiences I was struggling with. She had such compassion ... we both shed a tear.  Moving and insightful experience." 

Sandra, Wollongong

"I've had an Astrology and Tarot reading from Rebecca.  Both were fantastic and spookily accurate ."

Martyn, Sydney

"Rebecca combined Dowsing and  Tarot to give me options on specific issues. She goes above and beyond to help, mixing skill and intuition."

Georgie, Bundaberg

"Rebecca's forecast gave me  hope in a difficult time. She correctly identified when energy was likely to shift .  I see her yearly now to get my astrological update."